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Connecticut Precast Corporation

When our company was founded in 1964 the Cold War was gearing up, and our country was just learning about the ways that concrete, poured and pre-cast could change the way that our National infrastructure was created and maintained. The precast concrete transportation products that we started to manufacture in our plant, centrally located in Monroe, CT would soon be used in the construction, safety and site protection of the road, airport and railroad transportation systems of the whole East Coast of the United States. With its relatively low cost, extremely long product life, modularity and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, precast concrete is the ideal material for many construction applications.

Visit our products section to see and download specifications for many of the products that we offer, these specifications should be used only by qualified professionals capable of evaluating the significance and limitations of the specification and willing to accept responsibility for the application of its requirements to the products being considered.

Feel free to contact us here, from our website, we will get back to you promptly, or you can always call us directly at 203.268.8688.

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massive poured concrete structures our specialty
massive poured concrete structures our specialty
massive poured concrete structures our specialty

About Our Company

Connecticut Precast has been doing business along the East Coast for 50 years, since 1964.

We are one of the largest precast concrete manufacturers in the Tri-State area, and our experience shows in everything that we do.

No matter whether you need a 1000 gallon septic tank for a residential project or a custom 8' x 15' concrete chamber, we are your best choice for price, quality, and performance.

To contact us about your project, please click here to use our contact link. To find out more about what we've done (and what we could do for you), please click on our experience link.

Call us today about fitting our products into your next project - 203.268.8688